RAFT- My Life is a Hockey Rink

Dear life:

To me, you are a hockey rink… You’ve had your fair share of wins and loses. You’ve had some great games, and some not so great. Throughout your life, you’ve always tried your hardest and were never scared to face your fears. You take every day, one at a time, just like every game of hockey. You’ve taken your crappy games on the ice, and used them to motivate yourself and become a better version of who you are today. There are many aspects to a game of hockey, much like life. To me, you are a goalie. IMG_1218You aren’t afraid to take a few shots to the head and you strive off of the pressure that is put on you. But on the contrary, you know you have the ability to let people down. There have been times where you disappointed some people, but you made it your personal mission to regain that trust factor and get back in goal. And get back in goal better then ever. You look forward to the big games, especially the big wins. You tell all your friends about that incredible save you made, and how you saved the game. You replay that game over and over in your head. But that only lasts for a bit. It doesn’t take you long to see past your accomplishments, and focus on the next thing life has coming your way. You find it hard to forget about your bad games, and you keep asking yourself why that had to happen to you. Those bad games seem to resonate deep in your bones, and are hard to get over. But once you get over your bad games, you strive in the games that take place after that one bad game. You never fail to make a come back and prove to everyone that you are okay. IMG_3387Life, you are a hockey rink because you have taught me everything I know. You have taught me to always try your hardest and to never give up, even if you’re losing by a couple of points. You have taught me that if you help others, you will be paid back in the long run. You’ve taught me that people come and go, and that you need to let go in order to move on. My life is like a game of hockey because you are always in my mind. I never forget how lucky I am to have you and how you have influenced me as a person. Without hockey, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You have introduced me to so many new people, places, experiences, and skills.


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