Howards Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

A Personal Look at Multiple Intelligences


  1. In which of Gardner’s intelligences do you believe that you excel? What evidence can you show?

As is said in the article, Gardner claims that it is common for people to hold more than one of these intelligences. I feel as though, I posses more than one of these intelligences. But, I do not excel in all of them. So, after deep thought, I think it is fair to say these are the 3 intelligences I excel in.

Logical-mathematical intelligence: The logical-mathematical intelligence is used to solve problems, manipulate numbers, make connections, and recognize patterns. The first thing that I thought of when hearing “logical-mathematical intelligence” is math, science, and physics. I know that I am pretty good at all three of those subjects, and enjoy most of the content within it. I believe I excel in this intelligence because I enjoy what it is about, I am fairly good at it, and I like that it challenges me. Contrastingly, I think the logical-mathematical intelligence goes further then just math and science courses. I believe it can also be connected to classes such as English. In English you have to find patterns and create connections. This is also a skill that I am good at, and I don’t mind doing it either.

Intrapersonal intelligence: The intrapersonal intelligence is about understanding yourself and knowing your limitations, goals and so on. I think that I excel in this intelligence because I value myself and make sure I take good care of myself. I will put myself ahead of others if needed. I know what I like and dislike. I also know what I want to achieve and how to do so. In the past 6 months, I have especially gotten to know myself better. I understand myself more and understand why I am the person I am.

Interpersonal intelligence: The interpersonal intelligence is based off of having a strong understanding of people, more specifically the individuals around you. I think that I am fairly strong in this intelligence because I enjoy being around people and participating in conversations with them. I enjoy discussing current events, people’s problems, troubles, or even just sharing stories. I like to think of myself as a people watcher. I enjoy seeing how people act and respond in certain situations. I find these things fascinating and I like talking to people about these kind of things; learning new things about them and helping them with whatever that may be bothering them or enjoying their victories with them.

  1. How does this affect the way you currently approach learning and school assignments?

Based on my answer to question number one, I think all those three intelligences (and my ability to achieve them) have a large influence on how I learn and act in school/class. More specifically, I use my intrapersonal intelligence to analyze myself. I believe you have to know where you are at before you can really achieve anything. You need to understand your goals, what you can achieve in a certain amount of time, set standards for yourself and figure out a way to reach and excel your standards. Secondly, in more social situations I use my interpersonal intelligence. For example, in class I use this to analyze how people are responding to a situation. I let my understanding of people influence how I learn and act at school. Specifically, during a lesson, I will see how others are learning the content, and then I will try doing that myself. I also let others fuel me to do well in school. I purposely surround myself with people who work hard at school and people who value their education. This way, it inspires and influences me to do the same and have the same outlook as those individuals. Lastly, and most literally connected to school, is my logical-mathematical intelligence.

  1. How might the theory of multiple intelligences affect your thinking about your future?

I think that the theory of multiple intelligences will affect how I think about the future, because by taking a look at each of them and evaluating myself, I know what ones I am good at, and ones that I am not so good at. Therefor, I will look for a career/university courses that I am good at. For example, if I didn’t possess the logical-mathematical intelligence, then I wouldn’t look for a career that is heavily influenced by math and logics. But, I do possess the logical-mathematical, intrapersonal, and interpersonal intelligences, so I will use that to my advantage. I know that in my future, I want to put those things to good use and get some benefits from them. Knowing about the theory of multiple intelligences may also effect how I see and perceive other people. Knowing about all the intelligences makes it easier for me to understand why some people do things. This may benefit me in my future because I will understand why people do certain things that they do.


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