My Personality Test

My Results


My results from were, introverted-16%, sensing- 1%, feeling- 6%, and judging- 33%. This gives me the “ISFJ” personality type. In a short summary these results claim that I am very organised, reflective, observant, reserved, and thought and achievement orientated. As well as, my results claim that I am very traditional, realistic, practical, empathetic, accepting or warm. These traits aren’t nearly as high as the others, but they are still present in my personality.


Introverted and Extroverted

introvert-vs-shy.jpgI am an introvert! Based on the research I did at, I have found out that introverted people tend to be very self aware, thoughtful, enjoys detail, keeps their emotions private, are quiet in larger groups, more social around people they know well and learn well through observation. Overall, I think I represent many of these characteristics; some more than others. For example, I think I am very aware of myself. From my actions to my emotions. I can easily figure out if I am upset or excited over any situation. I think this is because I have experienced so much emotion in the past year of my life. From my mom passing away to having my first really serious boyfriend. I have learned so much from both of these significant events. I feel as though I’ve had to mature through my teen years in the matter of one night with everything regarding my mom. I now have a lot more responsibilities and need to understand myself more due to that. With that said, I can defiantly say I like to keep my emotions to myself. I am very private about that. I only share significant details about my life to very few people. I prefer to have a small group of close friends, but I do enjoy being known in a large group. I believe growing up in a small town has influence on this. Such as the fact that I am used to everyone knowing everyone. So therefor, I love going to my school and having lots of people I can refer to as acquaintances and friends. But, when it comes to my “best friends” I have only a few. I like to be very close with very few people. That is how I’ve been for a long time and I think I will always be that way. Lastly, one of the common characteristics of an introvert is being quiet in large groups. I think I fall into this category less than any of the others. This is because, I don’t mind large groups. I think they are very fun and I enjoy how something is always going on. I am more quiet in large groups compared to small, although, I am loud in large groups that I am comfortable in (classroom discussions, family gatherings, parties).


Sensing and Intuition


For this section, I am classified as more of a sensing character compared to an intuitive person. I found the following information at A sensing person is most likely to remember events as snapshots of what actually happened, solve problems by working through facts until the problem is understood, are pragmatic and look to the ‘bottom line’, start with facts and then form a big picture, trust experience over words and symbols, and finally, occasionally pay too much attention to facts, which may result in missing new opportunities. I only scored 1% in this section, but I feel like for the most part, I can connect to the above statements. For example, I think when I solve problems, I first approach it by understanding the facts of it. Which is commonly what a sensing person is likely to do. I also like to analyze the facts I am presented with and then form a big picture based off of those. Furthermore, that is typically how I approach my school assignments. For example, I figured out how I was going to divide the sections up before I started this assignment. I like working with a plan that is in place which I can follow. I find that that works best for me. I don’t really think that I look at facts too much to miss an opportunity. I find that slightly unrealistic for me. Lastly, I know that I defiantly trust experience over words and symbols. I like to know exactly what goes on, and experience it myself rather than going off of what someone has said about it.


Thinking and Feeling


I got feeling for this portion of the test. This means that “Feelers decide based primarily through social considerations, listening to their heart and considering the feelings of others … They value harmony and use tact in their interactions with others. At work, they are sociable and people-oriented and make many decisions based on values.” ( I received 6% in the feeling section. I don’t agree with many of these points. I believe that I am a compassionate person, and that comes from everything I’ve been through this past year, but I don’t think I let that get the best of me. From the information that I gathered, it sounds like “feelers” are more soft apposed to “thinkers”. Which, perhaps they are, but I like to think that I have a balance between thinking and feeling for a person. I believe that I am kind of in between them. According to the same website I used above, “Thinkers decide based primarily on logic, and when they do so, they consider a decision to be made. They tend to see the world in black and white and dislike fuzziness. They focus on tangible things, seeking truth and use of clear rules. At work, they are task-oriented, seek to create clear value. Interacting with them tends to brief and business-like”. Furthermore, I think that I understand and care for when people have a solid excuse to not be at work, school, and so on. But I also highly believe in logic, decisions, truthfulness and rules. I think rules aren’t to be broken, but deadlines can be flexible. I think deadlines can be flexible in only very serious circumstances. Like if a person has experienced a death in his/her family or has been giving some life changing/threatening news. Overall, I know I have a soft side and am able to use that in given circumstances, but I also still believe in discipline, rules and logic. I am not a big fan of black and white decisions, but I also find “fuzziness” to be unclear and often confusing. So overall, I’d say I’m both a thinker and feeler.  I’m not too sure which side I lean more towards.


Judging and Perceiving


I scored 33% in the judging category, this was my highest percentage of all the traits. According to, people who have the judging trait tend to have characteristics such as decisiveness, organized, structured, good at finishing things they start, stay on schedule, make plans, responsible and like closure. Overall, I think I have many of these characteristics. Most predominantly, I am very organized, good at staying on schedule, I enjoy making plans, and I am very responsible. I prefer having closure, but it won’t take me too long to get over if I don’t. Additionally, the same website says that people with the perceiving trait contain characteristics such as adaptable, relaxed, disorganized, care-free, spontaneous, keeps options open, procrastinates, dislikes routine, and is flexible. And again, I for sure fall under certain traits in that category. For example, I would consider myself adaptable and relaxed. But I still prefer to have a plan of action over free-balling. I also feel like I want to be more free spirited and spontaneous. I think that the most fun and memorable things are often unplanned. In addition to that, I also am a fairly talented procrastinator. I don’t procrastinate with presentations or studying for tests, but if I have an assignment that I find really boring, I will usually hand it in late. Or sometimes I am just lazy. At last, I believe I am more of a judgement person over perceiving.


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