April 14th Blog Entry

Fundamental Attribution Error

By definition, the fundamental attribution error is the likeliness for people to place an inappropriate emphasis on your personality in order to explain someone else’s behaviour in a situation, rather than considering the situation’s external factors. In further explanation, when you meet a person for the first time, and they aren’t having a good day (because of other external factors), your immediate response may be that that person isn’t a fun person. Or perhaps you think they are sad or depressed. Often people come to this conclusion before examining the external factors that may be making them upset.


According to Simply Psychology, prejudice is “an unjustified or incorrect attitude (usually negative) towards an individual based solely on the individual’s membership of a social group”. For example, one person may not like another person solely because of their race, gender, religon, or sexuality.


A stereotype is a commonly held idea (usually negative) about specific groups of people. Common examples of stereotypes are that all women are bad drivers, all black men play basketball, and that all Asian’s do very well in school.


Discrimination is defined as “an action or a decision that treats a person or a group negatively for reasons such as their race, age or disability“. An example of discrimination is saying that you don’t like someone because of something they are a part of. In further examination, you could say “I don’t like that girl because she wears skinny jeans”.




Man Counselor Criminal Politician Canadian Plumber Girl Hockey Player

People’s one word responses

Tall Help Scary Talkative Eh Butt crack Innocent Strong
Strong Help Bad Stuck up Country Unmotivated Independent Passionate
Tall Weird Bad guy Rip offs Me Butt crack Pretty Mean
Mad man Helpful Smooth Greasy Me Pipes Pretty Awesome
Women Helpful Bad Sneaky Eh Butt crack Baby Sports
Husband Help Stealer Brad Wall Me Job Daughter Gretzgy
Tall Scary Childhood Brave Proud Gross Boy Contact
Work Problems Prison Trump Moose Poop Boy Puck
Women Annoying Bad Stupid Cold Van Little Cocky
Strong Psychologist Delinquent Liars Eh Butt crack Feminism Fast reflexes

Common Stereotypes

Throughout my survey, I thought that some answers were fairly stereotypical. Further more, I noticed how when I asked older people, they were less stereotypical compared to the younger peoples answers. I find this interesting because you can see that the age difference between two people makes them believe/think in two different ways. I asked more young people, compared to older individuals. For certain categories like “man”, it was most common for people to say things like strong, tall, tough, and big. Whereas when I asked the subjects about the word “girl”, they said less intimidating responses such as small, pretty, little and independent. Also, I think if I said “girl” in a different way, such as “woman” or “lady” the responses may have been different. I think those words seem  older and more professional. So the responses may have been more like independent, strong, feminine, and so on. The category that I found that was the least stereotypical was counsellor. But maybe that is because I am not sure what stereotypes would be associated with a counsellor. I think the most personal, the one that was most opinionated was the politician. Many people had different responses. Overall, I think the one with the most stereotypical response was plumber, because immediately, many of the participants said “butt crack”, which to some degree, didn’t surprise me.


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