Task Two: The Endocrine System


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The Endocrine System produce hormones which regulate many things that influence our health. Examples include our sleep, growth, sexual function, and mood. It produces all of these things using 10 main glands. Each gland produces a certain hormone that influences a certain aspect of our bodies. These glands and their functions are as followed:

Gland Hormone Function
Pineal Melatonin, only produced when you sleep at night Tells you the time and season
Anterior Pituitary Growth hormone Causes the cells to grow
Posterior Pituitary ADH(antidiuretic): hormone that holds onto fluids in our body Water balance in body and kidney
Thyroid T3/T4 Regulates metabolism
  Calcitonin Lowers blood calcium
Parathyroid PTH Raises blood calcium
Pancreas Insulin Lowers blood sugar
  Glucagon Raises blood sugar
Adrenal Cortex Glucocorticoids Anti-inflammatory (like Advil)
Adrenal Medulla Epinephrine (adrenaline) Fight of flight
Ovary Estrogen Female sex characteristics
Testes Testosterone Male sex characteristics

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The Endocrine System


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