Who is Todd Beamer?

Assignment from Feb. 3 – Who is Todd Beamer?

beamerThroughout history, there have been many hero’s in various situations. Hero’s may emerge due to an unfortunate event. For example, during 9/11, many people had to step out of their comfort zone to help them selfs and others. One man in particular made it his personal mission to help others during an attack. This man was Todd Beamer. Todd was a passenger aboard the United Airlines Flight 93, one of the planes that was highjacked during 9/11. This particular plane was hijacked and the plan was for the plane to crash into a popular place, therefor killing the people on the plane as well as lots of people in that popular location. Todd Beamer recognized that his plane was going to crash, and he wanted to do something to prevent this from happening. Todd called a customer-service representative and told her the deal in attempts to stop the plane from crashing. His acts are heroic because he put himself in danger in order to save other people. I think that Todd is a hero because he wanted to make a difference even if that meant he put himself in a unsafe situation. Todd Beamer was motivated to try to safe the plane because he didn’t want his pregnant wife to be worried. He also did it to help other people and to make sure as many people as possible got out of that highjack. I believe the meaning of this story is to make sure you always help others, and in return it will do good for you. Although Todd didn’t come out of the plane alive, he is now recognized as a hero and continues to inspire people today. The actions of the hijackers were to gain power over the people on the plane and to kill many people in hopes to make a point. They wanted to scare the America citizens on the planes involved in each highjack and all the buildings that they targeted. The united airlinesdifference between the hijackers and Todd Beamers actions were that Todd was motivated to make a positive difference, while the hijackers wanted to make a negative influence. Todd was trying to keep people safe and the hijackers wanted to put people in danger.



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